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Why ProNet Computers?

ProNet Computers provide outstanding service within its industry and are  recognized professionals. They offer four levels of services depending upon your needs.  Each of these services includes a client confidentiality agreement and services. As well, for a nominal fee you can access their services beyond normal office hours.

Maintenance contracts are commonly the most cost effective method of maintaining your business systems, but they offer on-demand services if preferred. On-demand services include the repair of Microsoft servers and personal computer applications. As well, installation and upgrade services are available if necessary. In addition, they offer recommendations to improve system efficiency while on-site.

In their silver maintenance package, they offer all the features of on-demand within four hours of initiating the service call. This is completed at a reduce labour cost, and can include remotely connecting to the errant system. A step up into their gold maintenance package affords your organization the additional benefits of the on-demand, and silver package. In addition, support for backing up critical system information is included. If your system does fail, ProNet can restore your disaster recovery backups. With their ProNet Pro-Heartbeat monitor, their experts monitor your system for stability and errors to prevent system downtime. Utilizing applications not typically supported by ProNet will not be an issue with this package, as support is supplied with this maintenance package. This includes server and operating system support. Labour costs are severely reduced as on-site support that includes travel and labour charges.

Lastly, the ultimate step up into their platinum package allows for all the previous services and much more. All parts and components required include labour charges. Reports are provided weekly on data backup information. In critical failures, limited equipment loaners are available. In addition, their professionals will trace your error logs ensuring no critical failures are eminent. Finally, Occasional tune up services are provided to ensure that all systems are operating at peak efficiency.

Why are these maintenance packages so important? Often preventative maintenance can prevent from critical failures from occurring. This can save your business from losing money due to system downtime. ProNet’s technicians are certified through Microsoft and Intel to ensure their knowledge is at the highest available standard. They are specialized in not only providing services by Microsoft, but also training the services to individuals. As well, ProNet has achieved the certification of Microsoft Small Business Specialist after effectively demonstrating their comprehension of how business systems are effect small businesses.

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